Common Challenges that Every Developer Goes Through

Common Challenges that Every Developer Goes Through

There are common challenges in every career choice. When talking about the Tech Industry, the main point of discussion is always how many technological advances and successes we’ve made throughout the years.

But we’ve never really gotten to talk about the people that have made those advances and successes possible. In my last blog, I talked about fighting depression inside the Tech Industry.

Now, I will talk to you about the challenges developers face that put them under so much pressure leading to depression. I’m going to talk about all the technical things that have led developers to their breaking points.

Rapid Advancements in Technology

One common challenge that most developers face is the rapid advancement of technology. Although it might be a blessing for the industry, it’s growing at a phenomenal rate that puts pressure on developers.

Let’s face it, developers like us need the advances in technology, but we’re not going to suddenly learn it and incorporate it all into our work in a day. We’re learning all these new things in a short amount of time to maintain our edge as professionals.

Whenever something new comes out, the pressure is on.

Limited Resources

When something new comes out, it will bring out another common challenge that many developers face. When I say a lot, I mean the massive population of developers around the world.

Most developers won’t have the necessary resources to keep up with the phenomenal growth rate of technological advancements. And, when their work requires them to, they’re going to have to improvise on the fly.

This common challenge is terrifyingly specific for most companies and workers because it hits home. Challenges like these can trigger an Imposter Syndrome wherein these developers believe they aren’t enough.

I have talked about Imposter Syndrome before in my other blogs, and we know how hard and frustrating it is when we’re affected by it. Figuring out how to deal with it is already a challenge for developers in itself.

Meeting Customer Demands

Another common challenge that developers face is meeting customer satisfaction. Developing even the simplest applications require tons of back and forth communication between the team and the client.

However, with limited resources, there is no guarantee that you can get customers who demand something you are physically incapable of doing.

More and more clients are going to choose someone else who has the means to do the job.

Limited Time

The last common challenge that a developer will face, developing software is time. Plenty of developers around the globe are in environments that curate pressure. They work hard to complete their projects with strict deadlines, leading to a lot of stress.

It’s going to take many hours out of a developer’s day to finish a project. In my experience, I was at a point in my life where I thought I needed to work 20 hours a day to keep up with everything.

It’s not healthy. You can’t spend time with your friends, family or do the things you need to unwind.

These are just a few of the many common challenges that developers face daily, and overcoming these challenges is another discussion to have entirely.

Chris Sean
Developer Relations Engineer | New Relic

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